Why Cockroaches are so difficult to keep under control.

Homeowners and renters alike live in terror of seeing even a single cockroach, because everyone knows that where there is one cockroach, there are always more. Known as one of the worst pests to eradicate, there are multiple reasons that pest control cockroaches is so difficult. Read on to discover why eliminating them is so difficult to accomplish and why you should not be ashamed that they have invaded your home.

One of the most important things to do to get rid of cockroaches is to determine which type of roach is present in your home. The two most common types are the German and American varieties. Because they have life cycles that differ from each other, the methods used for pest control cockroaches is quite different for individual members of the species. Of course, there is a lot of diversity in the animal world, and there are many other varieties in addition to these two types. However, proper identification is the first step to take in order to get rid of the problem.

German cockroaches are among the smallest, but that is not the most important point to consider. Their breeding and living area is always within the house, and they are notable for contaminating their environment and carrying disease. Other larger members of this pest are not known to spread disease. In general, this type of roach is trapped in a cage baited with foods that attract them. Once they enter the roach cage, their fate is sealed.


Most other roaches are treated with insecticide that must be administered at various points in their life cycle. Older roaches are among the first to die, but the eggs are not affected by the spray and will hatch at a later date, leading to a great deal of frustration. It isn’t uncommon for home owners to believe that they have taken care of their roach problem, only to have it return with a vengeance once the next generation hatches and scurries out to find food.

The spray must be applied at very specific points to make sure that the roaches will walk through it when they are entering and exiting the building. The areas around dryer vents, pipe openings must be sprayed as well as the window openings and doors. Failure to do so will reduce your chances of successfully fixing the problem.

The science behind extermination is constantly changing and new products are constantly coming on the market. Either spend some time to do your research or be sure that you hire an extermination with a good reputation. If you do decide to hire someone, ask them to do a complete inspection and fill you in on their plan. In most cases, you will need a series of visits for a complete solution.

Even the cleanest homes can be infested by cockroaches. They arrive in boxes and even in new furniture. Don’t waste time being ashamed that your home has cockroaches. Instead, take action to resolve the problem so you can live without these all-too-common pests.